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Sunny Hodge

Sunny Hodge credit Daniel Ogulewicz.jpg

Sunny Hodge

Owner of independent wine bars Aspen & Meursault and Diogenes the Dog.

Read his bio here

Kaizen House + Mei Mei

Mei Mei (photo by Tom Bird)-17.jpg

Kaizen House, Mei Mei

Kaizen House is a collection of projects that explores food and food culture through the lens of acclaimed chef Elizabeth Haigh.

Kaizen House media pack here

Mei Mei media pack here

Thea Cumming + Dangerous Don

Thea Cumming x Dangerous Don 

Dangerous Don is a UK drinks brand, founded by Thea Cumming, that works with producers in Mexico to create a premium mezcal.

See media pack here


Steven Joyce-JOS2023011D00006.jpg


‘Made by artisans, drunk by healthy hedonists’

Botivo is a truly craft brand that is small batch, handmade, uses only real ingredients, and takes several weeks to make. This translates to a complex, rich flavour with a long finish - something that cannot be achieved with flavourings.

Press release here

Doña - mezcal bar


I the heart of Hackney.

A mezcal and music bar championing independent creativity and empowered feminine energy. 

Alexina Anatole

Untitled (1).jpeg

Alexina Anatole 

is a cook who researches, writes and talks about flavour.

Her debut cookbook, Bitter, is out in September 2023, published  by Penguin. 

Read her media pack for more information. 

John & Yi Li + Dumpling Shack Group


John & Yi Li + Dumpling Shack Group

A predominantly grab-and-go offering across two sites and a soon-to-be new site in Hackney.

Dumpling Shack, Fenn Noodles + Sichuan Fry

Here is the media pack.


Marie Mitchell

Saima Khan

Lola Ross

Island Social Club - Chiron Cole Photogr

Marie Mitchell

Marie founded Island Social Club, with Joseph Pilgrim, a space for re-rooting British Caribbean culture. Her debut book will be published by Penguin in Spring 2023.

Read Marie's bio here, and her book's press release here

photo credit: Daniel Ogulewicz

Saima Khan

Founder of The Hampstead Kitchen

Chef, Philanthropist, Activist 

Media pack here

photo credit: Daniel Ogulewicz


Lola Ross


A nutritional therapist with a specialisation in female health

Lola's website for more details

Akwasi Brenya-Mensa + Tatale


Akwasi Brenya-Mensa x Tatale


Akwasi is a humble polymath who has taken on the role as ‘Cultural & Culinary Programmer’ at The Africa Centre, London.


He will be developing a new restaurant and cultural space later this year - Tatale.

Read the announcement here

Media pack here


Voices At The Table - podcast

Voices At The Table

A podcast that brings together literature and food in the most delicious way. 

They are looking for advertorials for the podcast. 

Listen here

photo credit: Ross Turner

photo credit: Ross Turner

Cheese magazine

Cheese Issue 1.jpg

CHEESE magazine

An independent global magazine, launched 2021, focused on cheese!

Cheese magazine are currently looking for advertisers. 

By The Glass

Wine List - 16.04.21_0125.jpg

By The Glass


Wine List launches brand new concept ‘By The Glass’ delivering wine knowledge through your letterbox, one glass at a time 

Read the press release here


Diddy's bar

Black: The Literary Salon

An event series established by the African publishing house, Cassava Republic Press. The salons provide a space dedicated to writers, readers and thinkers who are interested in and committed to uncompromising and unmediated spaces for the exploration of writing and ideas from the Black world. 


Diddy’s is a neighbourhood bar, café and 'Diddymart' on Mare Street, owned by Hackney local Diddy Varley.

See media pack here

photo credit: Daniel Ogulewicz

Polka Pants


Work wear.

Designed for kitchens, perfect for every situation. 

Media pack here

Concave Summit 2021

Concave Summit 2021

An independent summit exploring the convergence of Sustainability & Social Impact with Technology, through the lens of Culture & Community. Platforming worldly perspectives from leading and emerging voices in sustainable technology who position culture and community at the heart of what they do

Press release here

A selection of past clients + projects

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