F R A N K I E 

A writer, editor + trends forecaster.

Recently Head of Food + Beverage and Travel + Hospitality at Stylus, a global forecasting media company. Anna has over fifteen years of experience managing communication strategy, brand development and projects across hospitality, corporate and the arts.


Growing up in Malaysia and New Zealand, Anna moved to London, via Berlin, to study performing arts, making the UK capital her base. Anna’s PhD looked at identity through storytelling and food, in postcolonial states.

Anna Sulan Masing

A media consultant, project manager + communicator.

Previously holding senior positions at London-based PR agencies, predominantly restaurant focused, Frankie has over eight years experience of working within restaurant and lifestyle media relations. A curiosity for food, people and cultural histories that surround the food world, has led Frankie to FoH roles in London, Boston and Melbourne, sit her WSETs and learn first-hand about this global industry.


Through A+F Creative Frankie searches for projects that share diverse projects and champions personalities, she focuses on ‘smart lifestyle’ which sits at the intersection of food, design and literature. Frankie thrives on connecting the dots between people and the audiences craving to hear about them, mapping the journey a campaign will take. Frankie is dedicated to engaging both traditional and digital media platforms to make the lesser-known voices heard.


TMRW Project: a collection of initiatives focusing on the progress of the hospitality industry

Voices At The Table: a podcast and event series celebrating voices within food

AMP: the online publication focusing on women in food + sustainability

Black Book: a global representation platform for Black and non-white people working within hospitality and food media - co-founded with Zoe Adjonyoh & Frankie Reddin

SOURCED: a public research project founded with Chloe-Rose Crabtree, aimed at developing lines of inquiry into our relationships with food and drink.



Eater London


Yes & No

Whetstone Magazine

Caffeine Magazine

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Eater Talks: panellist on ‘The Importance of Diversity’

WGSN trends day: The Future of Food

CODE: panel host 'racism in hospitality'

WTM: panellist 'Luxury travel in 2019: how to stay relevant'

SAUCE Forum 2017: ‘Chefs of Tomorrow’ panel host at global food symposium in Tartu, Estonia

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Frankie Reddin

All illustrations by Aimee Louise


A+F Creative: a creative communications agency specialising in 'smart lifestyle'

Black Book: a global representation platform for Black and non-white people working within hospitality and food media - co-founded with Zoe Adjonyoh & Anna Sulan Masing



Harper's Bazaar


Copywriting for various brands, clients and projects


Eater Talks: panellist on ‘How Instagram Has Changed The Way We Eat'