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Case Studies

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Core objective: to define the brand identity for a wider audience in order to gain national and international recognition

Outcomes: sustaining and building on a loyal and consistent bookings, and attract quality staff, all of which enables create space for innovation within the brand e.g. Wander Wine, research & development, personal interests, growth of business.

A+F Creative consulted on web copy and brand narrative, identified the target audience and implemented the use of media-appropriate language and tools to communicate. Resulting in the following successes:

Courier Weekly (weekly newsletter of Courier, a London-based magazine featuring stories of modern business): communications that highlight conscious business decisions amongst an audience of likeminded industries and thinkers


London Evening Standard: National critic review - Fay Maschler

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Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 15.16.33.png

Make Architects published by Future Places Studio: Future of retail featuring Alexis Noble of Wander

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Core objective: defining the brand, creating a communications strategy, brand awareness, profile building

Outcomes: keeping key profiles (Elizabeth Haigh) in the forefront of press and consumers minds, guaranteeing that all brand ventures (online, temporary dining, permanent space) are successful.

A+F Creative created the brand narrative, consulted on the development of the various strands of Kaizen House, and assisted with profile management: Resulting in the following successes:

Changing the narrative - Elizabeth Haigh as part of Kaizen House as opposed to 'ex-chef of...' messaging.

Profile management: BBC Radio 4's 'My Name Is - Elizabeth Haigh: Chefs and #MeToo and cover interview for Restaurant magazine

Project launches: Mei Mei - Kaizen House's Singaporean food stall within Borough Market Kitchen (Go London - London Evening Standard)

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Restaurant Magazine Cover - Nov 19.jpg
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ES Mei Mei.png

Core objective: to launch a first-time project

Outcomes: established and defined brand creating an engaged local community and wider London recognition within consumer and industry spheres

A+F Creative designed the website, developed brands tone of voice, launched the brands digital platforms, identified the target audiences, organised the launch event, and implemented traditional media relations around the launch campaign. Resulting in the following successes:

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 16.33.00.png

Traditional media relations: launch press coverage within target media


"Having worked in the industry for a while and being adequately dubious about the dark arts of PR, Marketing and Brand Development, I decided to work with A + F Creative for the opening of our Wine Bar in Elephant & Castle, knowing of their work in hospitality circles over the years. Strong branding and getting our name out into the greater wine and food world was absolutely crucial, and our development and growth aspirations were no easy task. Both Anna & Frankie have a hands on, strategic, no bullsh*t approach to their work... they are an absolute breath of fresh air in a fickle industry of promises, hype, and fads. 


Within the first 6 months of our opening they had surpassed all measurable targets we had set in terms of brand presence and publications, they're honest, modest and most importantly can do what they say they can do. I've been truly fortunate to have found and worked with A + F, and our bar continues to flourish as a direct result of their involvement. I am a vehement supporter and promoter of their work and cannot recommend them highly enough.Sunny Hodges - owner of Diogenes The Dog

The Langham London logo.png

Core objective: to launch a new project (Sauce by The Langham), copywriting and tone of voice (social media), profile building (Bob Van Den Oord), media relations (Artesian)

Outcomes: securing key press coverage, media events, keeping key profiles in the forefront of press and consumers minds, communications consultation for F&B outlets

A+F Creative hosted various media events to guarantee quality engagement, reignited the core brand values shared on social media channels, and assisted with profile management: Resulting in the following successes:

Traditional media relations: launch press coverage within target media

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.30.07.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.04.18.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.03.42.png

Media events: Sauce by The Langham, Artesian 'Takeover' Series

Key profile management: Big Hospitality's 'How I Got Here' with Millie Simpson, The FT's Weekend Magazine 'My Addresses' with Chris King, The Spirit Business' 'Cocktail Chat' with Marco Corallo

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.23.54.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.24.07.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.42.13.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.41.14.png

"I worked with A+F Creative over almost a year on a number of distinct projects which included product launches, ongoing press office support, social media input and profile building.  To start with they are immensely likeable, which definitely helps when gaining the trust of internal stakeholders, but more importantly they are connected, creative and do what they say they are going to do.  They communicate clearly, manage expectations well, deliver strong results and remain calm when times are frenetic.  They’ve been a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them in supporting any initiative in the food and drink space – they’ve a diverse range of skills and really do bring a lot to the party!Virginia Webb - Director of Marketing & Communications, The Langham, London

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