A+F Creative is an agency focusing on the power of connections. Developing narratives, communications + brands.



A+F Creative is a forward-thinking agency focusing culture and creating smart lifestyle. Founded by Anna + Frankie whose mission is to elevate creative voices through various mediums honing in on the power of connections, narrative, communications and brand development.


Having lived and worked globally, Anna + Frankie have over ten years experience working across the hospitality, media, arts and corporate industries. Today, based in London, they provide creative communications solutions.


Their mixed backgrounds coupled with their inquisitive nature provides a unique set of skills: Anna’s conceptual, high-level creative strategy works with Frankie’s ability to structure and deliver concepts into reality, becoming the ying + yang of any project they assign themselves to.


As Londoners, they retain an integral understanding of the city’s cosmopolitan identity, and as global citizens they recognise that food is one of the most powerful social tools of our time.


With this is mind, they forecast and navigate cultural spaces communicating narratives, diversity, and human stories to the audiences that crave to hear them.

Photo credit: Ciaran Lee

Services include:

Brand consultancy + development * Profile management * Diversity training * Event curation * Media relations * Communication strategies * Trends forecasting + industry research * Marketing * Media training * Content editing * Copy writing * Storytelling * Panel hosting + curation * Website design