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We work with some wonderful people, and here is some of the things they had to say...

“The idea of PR gives me the heebie jeebies, conflicting with the authenticity I try and offer, A+F creative cut through this by being the PR people for the heebie jeebiers, being themselves an authentic, honest communications offering that gets results and shows this style of conscientious public relations is entirely possible as well as effective.”


- Diddy of Diddy’s Bar

“The Langham, London has worked with Frankie for their food & beverage PR and before that with A+F Creative on a number of projects at the hotel and it has always been an absolute pleasure! Straight forward, creative, professional and most important, quick to understand the brief and deliver exactly what’s needed, they have always delivered great results”


- Charlotte Weatherall, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Langham, London


After 3 years at Ombra I thought that maybe we did need a hand getting our message out there.

Anna + Frankie were an obvious choice for various reasons; they were customers prior to the start of our professional relationship (never trust a PR that has never eaten at your venue); we have similar views on food, politics, football and Beyonce’s latest album, and I’m happy to support a business run by hard working (non-white) women.

- Mitshel Ibrahim, Head Chef at Ombra

As well as outstanding skills, intuition, and an empathy for a client’s needs and wants, Frankie possesses true integrity that’s rare in the industry. She understands and can foresee the current media landscape – and the direction of the winds – in ways that few others do. Working with her has been like knowing the answers to the test ahead of time.”


- David Paw, International Editor, Resy + American Express Global Dining

"Regardless of the clients a PR agency represents, the job consistently requires agility, passion, timeliness, positivity and personability — it's no easy feat; and the smaller the team, the more difficult those standards are to sustain. After working with A+F Creative on a variety of stories in the madness that was 2020, I can safely say that they're a team that you want in your corner as a client, and it's no coincidence that I connect with them on a consistent basis for journalistic projects that I work on. They always deliver with a smile, and they make my job 10x easier. Honestly, it's always a pleasure.”

 - Tyler Zielinski, freelance travel and drinks journalist, Condé Nast Traveler,

Departures, + others

“I've worked with Frankie for years, from my time as a junior journalist to a magazine editor, on editorial and commercial projects, and she's always been a pleasure to do business with. She's got years of expertise in PR and marketing, but more than that she's brings with it a razor-sharp understanding of the hospitality industry and exactly where she can make that expertise work hardest within it.”

Mike Gibson, Editor of Foodism

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