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A+F Creative will build a services and project outline that suits you and your organisation, to work alongside your business aims. A+F are flexible and dynamic to adjust to your needs - whether that is ad-hoc consultancy, project work or a long term PR strategy.


Anna + Frankie have different expertise and specialities and work incredibly collaboratively and have an overview of all clients. They also bring in specialists, when necessary.  It is a holistic approach to communication and creative thinking when working with all clients. 

Having worked with predominantly women and/or people of colour within the food and drink industry, Anna + Frankie's  expertise is guiding and supporting individuals who are often marginalised within this industry and space.

PR Services


Frankie leads the PR arm of A+F, offering you a chance to get real results through media coverage, without compromise. Frankie uses a combination of tactics including media relations, brand partnerships, and identifying the places in which your message will resonate the best with your audience. There’s no over promising, quick fixes, fifteen minutes of fame, or one-size-fits-all approach. Just clear communication. Frankie helps you stay in control of your own narrative at your own pace and allows your media presence to evolve into something we can all be proud of. As part of this work, Anna's skill sets allows her to deep-dive into a company or an individual's goals and create an engaging and clear brand narrative.



With Anna's academic background and in trend analyses she is able to offer in-depth consultancy and research on market trends and forward planning. She is the founder of Sourced, a public research project that looks at how we source ingredients, and looks to decolonise and make sustainable global food and drink systems; with this in mind she can assist in creating structures that build more sustainable practices within your business, including employee wellbeing as well as food and drink sourcing.  

Anna + Frankie are able to act as consultants to your business to advise on ways to create not just diverse, but inclusive and safe spaces for employees and customers. For example, we are able to do sensitivity reads on marketing literature, menus and promotional content; or, can advise on language for job adverts or internal documents.


Therefore, as well as doing this work within a retainer structure, we are also able to assist on a consultancy basis. 


Depending on what your needs are we will create a project plan and proposal. 

Outline of fee structure

  • Day Rate: £400+ depending on scope

  • Monthly PR retainers start at: £1,000

  • All contracts come with 1 x strategy day as a minimum, as a compulsory bolt on

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