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The TMRW Project

The TMRW project is looking to the future of the hospitality industry in the UK. To succeed, to grow and to continue developing this wonderful industry, is to support the people starting out. This project is about finding ways to do that.


After a successful 2015 with Chefs of Tomorrow, The TMRW project was a natural evolution, a response to encouraging feedback and a way of including all those that wanted to be involved in growing the industry.


The TMRW project is a collaborative project founded by chef Dan Doherty and writer Anna Sulan Masing, GM Emma Underwood joined the partnership in 2016. 


The project encompasses industry talks, Chefs of Tomorrow dinners, FoH events, and opportunities for those coming up in the British culinary world to connect with each other across the industry. It is about connecting Front of House with Back of House, it collaborating with others in the industry doing similar things.

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