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The Strongbox

The Strongbox, a new play by writer Stephanie Jacob and direction from Lucy Richardson, explores the hidden world of domestic slavery. Debuting at this year’s Vault Festival 28 February – 4 March. The Strongbox is strange, chewy and unforgettable.


Remember when I found you? I could've taken a deep breath and blown you away. I crossed the road for you.


Based on a true contemporary London story, The Strongbox explores what we're capable of if we let ourselves believe others are less than human. The narrative revolves around septuagenarian Ma and her daughter, Kat, who keep Maudie, a homeless teenager, as a slave in their old London house.  It's tense and savage, but funny and tender. It ponders on whether we can live without trying to control each other and perhaps more confronting, who we’d need to be in order to make a more caring society. 

Read the full press release here

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